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Back Inyo Face

Last year in September of 2018, I posted Inyo Face. A photo from Inyo National Forest. Here I am again in the Inyo National Forest, but things in Yosemite National Park are even worse than last year. We have a new HR Manager.

He showed up, introduce himself to me, but didn’t mention the numerous harassment and retaliation complaints, I’ve turned in. So, I did my thing, let him know how toxic things are, major safety issues exposed to the general public, the filth that I and people from all over the world, walk into daily. He laughs as I address these. The next day, things were worse than I’ve seen this year. Then he was in there Monday, drinking coffee, still not addressing safety issues or my complaints.

The next day, 7-9-19, before taking these pictures, I dropped off a 6 page complaint about the increased retaliation in housing and at work. When I got home, I had the dog girl block me at our building’s entrance, with her dog. The woman who fake coughs at my door day and night, stomps too, called me a Creepy Perv, leaves flower pots, trash, boxes, umbrellas, full length mirrors and anything else to block the hallway; was in our large TV room. She, her roommate and the rest of the Mad Mobbers; all gathered in there to give me a big smirk, once I did make it in the building. I make it through the hallway, dodging all the things left in our hall, against housing rules. I mentioned most of them in my 6 page complaint, that I dropped of early this afternoon. I know guys, it’s just a coincidence, right. It’s almost10 pm, I’m just getting settled in my room, then the stomping and pounding starts.

I’m off until Thursday, go in that morning to be blocked at the time clock, then at walkways and corridors. The building and safety issues still the same, after a 6 page complaint. I make it back to the front; to see our new HR Manager setting there drinking coffee. He was setting 25 feet from the unsafe water station I showed him last week, or addressed in Tuesday’s 6 page complaint. He didn’t mention the complaint at all, or the previous one I turned in a week and a half before. He sat there drinking coffee, he did the same the next day; sat there drinking coffee. He wouldn’t be waiting for me to act out of character, would he? No, not in today’s mobbing, toxic, work environments, this could never happen.

While I was serving under the United States Joint Services Special Operations Command (big title right), I had this amazing bundle of joy. Once I held her, I couldn’t let her go. I wanted my daughter to know her father, so I switched over to Veterinary Services. The Army the only branch with Vet Services, we had many great assignments. My last; I ran the US Air Force Academy Veterinary Clinic, I also help revive an old Community Support Program, we rotated vet tech from Fort Carson’s large Vet Hospital to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, in Colorado Springs. It was an amazing zoo, with excellent birthing programs. It was very understaffed in their hospital and it gave the vet techs the opportunity to work with other species. . On my days off, I got to cruise around the zoo in a golf cart, with my daughter. I could take her behind the scenes, wade with and pet penguins. At Fort Carson, we set up AATLS labs, training doctors in advance trauma life support. Not to brag, but to add validity to my next statement: Never have I witnessed so many people, with so called “Emotional Support Animal”; use them to vindictively harass someone, like they do here in Yosemite National Park. Seriously, what kind of person uses their pet to harass someone; what kind of emotional support is this? Those involved in Yosemite’s Sick Toxic Mobbing Community, do this.

I’ll let you decide; are they back in my face?

If you really want to thank a veteran, a firefighter, police officer; help us bring ethics, morals, civility and accountability back to this magnificent nation. Don’t let our men and women continue to serve in other countries, to come back to the Shit Show we have now. And remember; we have a new HR Manager

The Truth about Yosemite National Park: flic.kr/p/2hJ7Rye

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