compare pet insurance

Discount pet insurance sounds sketchy, and there is certainly a reason for that. As always in a case like this you’re better off to ask yourself “what is the insurance company getting out of this?” Luckily there is a chance you can find a better price without making a costly mistake.

So what do they get out of offering discounted insurance? The answer is that by insuring multiple pets you can get a discount. The insurance company still makes more money since you’re spending more than you were going to on one pet, you get a better deal and everyone is happy, right? No? Well, why not?

The Discount Pet Insurance Facts:

As a matter of fact you now have to stare twice as hard at your insurance policies to make sure that they work for however many pets you are enrolling. This includes checking out the policies on elective procedures, hereditary conditions, pre-existing conditions, and the limit yearly or per lifetime that a plan will cover for each pet. While there’s nothing wrong with looking for a discount don’t let your mentality sink to looking for the cheapest plan available. If you have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a procedure then most likely your plan has failed you! Be comprehensive, and compare plans online.

It’s worth noting that there are different kinds of discount pet insurance as well. For example some companies will offer you a discount if you register with the Microchip Identification System. I’ve also noticed a number of companies that offer an online discount. If you stack these right (subject to each plan and whether they allow you to stack discounts or not) you can end up with a super comprehensive plan with quite a bit of savings to go with it. Some companies will also offer pet insurance as a bonus perk so make sure you keep your eyes open.

The last form of a “discount” I’ll mention is probably the least reliable form since it’s a little harder to compare between companies. Usually there is the option to pay monthly or yearly. If you choose to pay yearly usually it works out to be less costly since it tends to be a huge lump of cash all at once.

The most important thing to remember is if you’re going to play the shrewd money-pincher it can be easy to get the worst from it. Keep your eyes open, and remember these companies are trying to get your trust in how they market themselves right down to how they talk to you. Accept nothing but facts! Keeping these facts in mind you’ll be on your way to a great discount pet insurance plan and saving a lot of money!

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