cheap pet insurance

Does it mean what we want it to mean? People are annoyed when they renew their pet health insurance year after year, only to discover that often if their pet develops a condition then, yes their pet will be covered for that year, but when it comes to renewing their policy, their pet will now have a pre-existing condition which can no longer be covered. Is that what we thought would happen? – No not at all. Is that what we want to happen? No! How could it be?

What we want and expect is lifelong cover insurance for our pet. If our pet develops a chronic condition, while insured, then we expect that condition to be covered as long as we continue the policy. In other words we want pet health cover for life, for any eventuality.

Is lifetime cover cheap pet insurance?

Well it depends which way you look at it. The payments won’t be cheap compared with the standard model of insurance, but if our pet were to develop a chronic condition, such as diabetes or arthritis, then the savings regarding veterinary bills, from that point onwards, would more than compensate for the extra premiums.

How easy is it to find whole life pet insurance?

All the top, reputable insurers should offer different levels of pet health insurance and different plans which should include a pet insurance lifetime cover plan. Take great care to establish that the plan will continue to treat a chronic condition for years to come.

What Kinds of Lifelong Pet Insurance Are Available?

There will be various types of lifelong cover plans. The insurance company may offer, for example, a limited amount per year per condition, say $3000. That would be useful for pets or breeds which are prone to multiple chronic conditions. Or they may offer an overall annual limit of say $7000 which would be more suitable for a single more expensive chronic condition. Or they may offer a lifetime limit per condition, and when that limit is reached, for that condition, at any time, then you would have to deal with any further veterinary bills with respect to that condition.

What Can I Do Now?

Look at all the Pet Insurance Lifetime Cover plans which are on offer and do a comparison, bearing in mind your circumstances, your pet or breed and the problems which may be associated with it, and find the best pet health policy for your pet.

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