pet care insurance

Pethealth Inc., or what people mostly know as PetCare insurance, is one of the well-known pet insurance providers in North America. Based in Ontario, Canada, the company provides illness and accident insurance for your beloved canines and felines as well as other animal companion related data management services. The company also provides other services and products through wholly owned subsidiaries that might ring a bell: ShelterCare, CherryBlue, 24PetWatch, PetPoint, and EVE. Of course, PetCare insurance is also a subsidiary. While the company’s vision is to be the leading pet insurance provider in its domain, let’s see how well it’s doing so far.

PetCare insurance gets an average of 4.5 out of 10 from an accumulated number of reviewers-all of whom have taken out policies from them for their pets-in And indeed, if you’d look through the ratings consumers have given, most of them had lukewarm feelings towards PetCare. One review may very well have summed it up by saying the company isn’t that great, but it was “Okay,” or at the very least, worth the money. This could point out that the balance between the service you get and how much you pay (coverage and rate) could be acceptable, but not something to be all giddy about. A notable recurring issue was the sudden rise of conditions that alter the rates of policies to such that accumulated rates for multiple pets can even go over the owner’s own insurance rates. This was in fact the main reason a review rated the company at an abysmal 2 out of 10. Reviews with higher ratings come from a variety of consumers, some of which were happy with over a decade of being with the company, others pleasantly enthralled by customer service. Other still were glad about the particularly simple process of the whole ordeal.

PetCare insurance has indeed been given a below average rating from one site, but don’t end your research with just that. There’s always a reason a brand can become almost a household name.

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