petsmart pet insurance

One of the more popular pet store chains in the US is PetSmart. Given its wide reach, the company has established its credibility among pet owners around the country. In fact, it is looked upon by pet owners for its affordable pet products and accessible insurance services. The store partnered with Banfield Pet Hospital for the provision of basic animal care services that include grooming, diagnostic test, and adoption as well as an integrated wellness program for the pets of valued PetSmart clients.

Unlike typical pet insurance policies, the PetSmart insurance does not cover expenses for medical care, animal injury and illnesses. Instead, dog owners, for instance, can get lower rates on services that are designed to avoid occurrence of illnesses by purchasing PetSmart insurance for dogs. The insurance policy is said to have given consumers big savings of up to half the amount spent on preventive medical care services, like annual checkups, neuter, heartworm vaccinations, amongst others. However, the insurance is only accepted in Banfield clinics.

The plan comes in different types, each of which is intended to suit the particular healthcare requirements of pets as well as the budget of the pet owner. In general, there are four insurance options that pet owners can select from. This includes the optimum, primary, basic plus, and basic wellness plans. Primary and basic plans are only available for kittens and puppies. Meanwhile, premium plans offer annual dental care, and up to 20% discounts on other services which can be easily availed in any Banfield clinics.

Whether you decide to apply for PetSmart insurance for dogs or PetSmart insurance for cats, all you have to do is to go to the nearest PetSmart shop to fill up and submit the application form. The official PetSmart website also has a list of stores participating in this program, and interested pet owners can have an easy time looking for the store near their area. They can also sign up at any Banfield Clinic or through telephone by dialing 1-866-277-PETS.

Pet owners may pay either in advance or via monthly fees for the plan. They also have to sign an annual contract to sanction their purchase of the pet insurance plan.

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