trupanion insurance

While PETCO itself isn’t an insurance company, it does have a sort of insurance arm in the form of Trupanion. This PETCO Insurance arm, like most other insurance leaders, has its own website and online tools geared towards fast and easy perusal by consumers. Here’s what a professional reviewer had to say about the experience of visiting the website, and some first impressions:

PETCO Insurance will need you to answer seven questions to get your online quote. First things first-PETCO Insurance is for puppies and kittens. Only pups and kits, no pets aged above 12 months. Any older than that and they aren’t puppies or kittens anymore. You may be surprised by this if you assumed that the company was for all pets, but it does say at the front page of the site-if you can see it. This is pretty smart for Trupanion, as more often older pets are the ones that usually get sick or injured, not the little puppies and kittens. If you want the practical way of looking at it, this would mean though the company will cover for your pet once it gets older, you’ve already paid them from the time when they weren’t prone to getting sick or injured anyway. Sure, it’s a business, but that one was clever to the point of being underhanded. Anyway, you’re kitten or puppy’s covered. Once you enter the necessary data into the fields-choose an age below 12 months or they’ll refer you somewhere else-you get an instant comparison chart that stacks Trupanion or PETCO Insurance up against its competitors. That’s pretty neat because you’ll need to compare anyway. At first try, you can easily get a standard quote of a monthly $24.37 with a $500 premium. That’s also pretty level, and since you get the comparison chart, it’s easy to compare with other companies.

That’s as far as you go, since you won’t really sign up, but as far as first impression go, the site of PETCO Insurance can speak for itself. Clean and professional, lacking distracting elements that would stray your attention from what you’re really after. You’ll also find the AAHA accepted seal at the bottom right-which is an added bonus, since the American Animal Hospital Association is one animal association you can count on.

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