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Bearded dragons, which are in captivity and are not given regular and proper care, are prone to Metabolic Bone Disease. One foremost reason is the lack of sufficient lighting inside the vivarium together with insufficient provision of calcium and phosphorus in their diets. In order to support the calcium needs of bearded dragons, UV light is needed as it helps in metabolizing Vitamin D3 for calcium production. Hypocalcemia, also known as Metabolic Bone Disease, is a nutritional deficiency brought about by calcium imbalances.


There are a number of factors that leads to metabolic bone diseases in bearded dragons. One is the insufficient provision of the suggested amount of calcium. Without this essential nutrient, the bones cannot properly function.


One sign that your pet has insufficient calcium is thinning of the bones. Once the bones get thin, it will start to break, therefore, leading to injuries. Your dragon will find it difficult to climb, walk, jump or play.

Other signs that your bearded dragon has metabolic bone disease are: it has twisted limbs, twisted toes, and twisted back. It will find walking to be difficult. Thought it can walk, it may easily fall down and find it hard to get back on its feet. As this condition progresses, your pet will be paralyzed and later on may soon lose its life. It can also get weak because it can no longer bask and eat due to paralysis.


The main treatment is to solve the problem which is to provide sufficient supply of calcium to your pet’s diet. Provide your pet with foods that are rich in calcium. You can visit your vet and he or she will recommend to you the right amount of calcium depending on how severe the condition of your pet is. Vitamin D is necessary for calcium to be metabolized. These are available in your vet’s clinic and are prepared in dosages.

As mentioned earlier, UV lights should be installed appropriately in the enclosure in order for you dragon to receive full recovery on its prevailing bone disease. At the same time, regulate the temperature in the cage at the correct level. Make sure that danger is prevented during treatment. Have your dragon quarantined for six months. Monitor and minimize its activities so it will have ample time to recover and have its bones back to normal.

Treat yourself as the second parent of your pet. Responsibility comes with a price. It is important that you care for your pet properly. Love and treat it the way you would to your siblings or children. Keep in mind that taking care of dragon comes with obligations and in order for your dragon to stay strong, healthy and happy; you have to provide its needs.

Metabolic bone disease should not be taken lightly, if this persists and your dragon is not given the needed medical attention, it will eventually lose its life. Be sure that you prevent this disease from happening and as much as possible, not let your beardie experience it.

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