pet care insurance

The pet insurance market has exploded! Dozens of pet insurance companies are popping up all over the web. When looking to provide health coverage for your pet, questions arise. Should I invest in pet insurance? How much will I really use it? Is it worth the financial investment? What’s covered? What’s not? What is my pet’s current health status and will that affect my rates? I have 4 dogs; that’s a lot of money for insurance each year! Does insurance only cover certain types of pets? Is there any other choice for protecting my pet? You may have already started the process in researching the various companies out there, and if you haven’t thought about it yet, I’ll guarantee you will think about it now.

When choosing a pet insurance policy for your four-legged family member, there is a lot of research ahead of you. Each insurance company may not offer the same exact product for pet health care coverage, but the vast majority will be similar with their plans available and only cover cats and dogs. They will sing songs about their coverage and the peace of mind it brings. The reality a pet owner faces is that the costly quote they are given when they apply, comes with many stipulations. The money spent each year to have full coverage for your pet seems to be wasted each time the insurance company informs that the pet’s health condition is pre-existing or a hereditary flaw and will not be covered. In some cases, pet insurance companies will deny coverage because of the pet’s health records, which will be required when claims are submitted. Common problems policy holders face are among waiting weeks for a claim to be paid, and being unsure how much of that claim will be reimbursed based on an insurance company’s fee schedule. Policy holders also have to meet deductibles before claims are paid. Hopes that your rates won’t increase too much each year your pet ages, or that the insurance company won’t drop your pet all together, doesn’t sound like much peace of mind! It becomes a frustration and a dead end which will cost more money.

Bottom line is that consumers want cost effective options. Some feel that pet insurance is a trap. We are certainly not saying it’s worthless, but there is a powerful alternative for coverage that gives more back for a minimal investment. Pet Assure, the benefits program that has thousands upon thousands of pet owners smitten, offers members discounts and savings on not only veterinary care, but everything else needed for pets too! Pet Assure is not insurance. It’s a membership club that acts as a discount program. Why a discount program? It’s very simple. To save pet owners money on providing what they need and want for their pets! For a low cost fee that is sure not to put a dent in the budget, members receive an automatic 25% savings each and every time they have a visit with a participating veterinarian. There is a nice size network of providers to choose from, which is constantly updating and growing.

A significant difference between Pet Assure and pet insurance is the benefit of savings with a nationwide network of participating retailers and vendors. Pet Assure members receive discounts on everything from food, medications, health maintenance products, supplies, training, grooming, boarding, and more. Also, the program offers a lost pet recovery service for enrolled pets known as PALS. Insurance companies do not offer such benefits to their policy holders.

With Pet Assure, there are never any conditions or stipulations. No forms to submit, no waiting for claims to be paid, and no worries! All pets are covered no matter what type, including rodents and reptiles. Health conditions past, present or future have no bearing on enrollment. Family plans are available for multiple pets in a household, and there are no claims to worry about. The discounts are applied immediately, savings are gained instantly, and there’s no looking back. This is the type of pet care program that provides immediate gratification and brings peace of mind.

Being aware of what’s out there and gaining valuable knowledge to determine which options are best for your pets, gives you an advantage to choose the most beneficial coverage. There are alternatives to insurance. Ask yourself, which coverage truly gives peace of mind?

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